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About me

I've been DMing for about 5 years. While I started on a physical tabletop, most of my experience has been online due to the ongoing COVID pandemic. While there is a certain magic to be found playing face-to-face, I've had great fun using the different tools that online play allows. Using Virtual Table Tops (VTTs) allows for a great deal of immersion with lighting and music and streamlines all the math, which lets players focus on storytelling and just lets more excitement happen over the course of a session.

GM style

As a DM, I like to keep the game moving, both in combat and exploration. I like to give my players context for their actions and like prompting knowledge checks as they uncover the world. I do voices for my NPCs, and there is at least one NPC per campaign that my players look back on and laugh about. Energy levels can vary from week to week, and part of DMing skill is knowing when to come to the forefront to drive the story and when to sit back and let it roll out. It's a give-and-take social dance and It's all about having a good time, whatever that looks like. I'm open to different homebrew and have created some subclasses and the like for my players. I love character customization and optimization even as a DM, and am happy to help with character construction.

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