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About me

Hello! I've been running and playing RPG games since the mid-90s, starting with Star Wars 2nd Edition from West End Games through many others afterward. I'm typically that guy in your group of friends who is always ready to run a game and prefers to GM. I'm a writer and game designer by trade and I greatly enjoy telling an engaging and fun story for everyone. If you have any interest in the games I'm running, always feel free to reach out! I've run a vast amount of games over the years, from D&D (2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th editions) to Star Wars (every version!) to Burning Wheel to White Wolf's various games and many many others. I love game systems and learning new ones with the time I have available. My collection of games is nearing library-level even though I know I'll never play most of them. If you're still reading then I guess you want to know more about me? Well, I'm a SciFi and Fantasy author as well as a video game designer. I work for a large AAA publisher but I prefer to keep my day job out of my spotlight. Due to that you can be certain I love PC and console games and they are definitely my stress salve. I'm also a lover of combat flight simulators and aviation in general. It's definitely one of my biggest loves. Well, that and coffee. Lots of coffee. The only thing I love more than coffee is my adorable son, my lovely wife, and my old and grumpy dog.

GM style

I try and strike a good balance between Roleplay and action, but sometimes one trumps the other. What I strive for is to never stifle the fun of the players and if they're really reveling in a character moment, all I wish to do is facilitate that and enhance it. You want to spend the entire session in character and talking to your companions and NPCs? Let's do it! If the scene has hit a lull and people are going quiet? Time to move on. OOC joking and bonding is good but I will try and coax us all back on track if it goes on a tad too long. After all, you're paying for these games and I'd feel pretty terrible if you didn't get a game out of it! Every session will be a minimum of 3 hours with at least a 15 minute break somewhere in the middle. Like most GMs on this site, I gladly welcome new players. Almost every game I've run in the last ten years has included one or more players who are brand new to RPG games, so don't let that dissuade you.

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