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Well met! Are you looking for any of the artifacts herein found? I don't have many, but the ones I do are potent! āš” Swords of Wanting to Play a Main Character. If you are looking to become a part of an engaging story, to be a mover and a shaker, these Swords will serve you well. šŸ›” The Shield of Changing the Worlds we will share. I will present you with my world, but I want you to make it our world. I want you to feel at home during the session, and to use this Shield to right the wrongs, call out the villains, aid the locals, or make yourself rich. šŸ¦„ The Horn of Forgetting. Everyday life is full of blessings, even with the occasional bad streak. Still, I want you here, with me, away from politics, next month's exam, or the messages he left unread. šŸ¹ The Bow of Looking Forward to a Session Every Week. You deserve to have your game evening be The Game Evening. The snacks, the ambient, the anticipation, the countless threads of uncountable possibilities pulling you through the week to this evening. Are these some of the artifacts you are looking for? You need more? I have more, but these artifacts are mine. Check out the GM Style box.

GM style

These came to my possession with experience, persistence, and plying my trade. šŸ“• The Tome of Respecting your Time and Money. I need you to get that sweet bang for your buck! šŸ„» The Robe of Talking which allows me answer your questions, receive your feedback, and have a civil conversation, no matter the topic. We are people, we are adults. šŸ’ The Ring of Weaving your character into the world. After all, your character is the main character. And I'm both the supporting cast and the captivated audience rooting for you and eagerly awaiting for your next move. šŸŽ£ The Big Rod of Finding Adventures. This one we use together to find the stories we will remember forever. I want you to tell everyone what happened last time! šŸŽ² The Cursed Dice of Real. Sadly, I cannot unattune from this artifact. I want you to be the hero, the champion, the winner, but the Dice decide whether the story will ultimately be a happy one, or a sad one. Either way, the Dice will keep it real, and the story will be a solid, stone object in the palm of your hand. Yeah, there are more artifacts to be found out out there. Join a session and let us look for them together.


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