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Russell - Master Owl

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About me

I'm an LBGTQ+, Neurodivergent (Autistic/ADHD), Medically Retired Veteran (Aus Army), and game master with over seven years of experience running 5th Edition D&D. I started out running games in person. Still, like many, I moved to run games online at the start of 2019. I try to use a combination of technology with a low barrier to entry to make my games accessible and inclusive. I enjoy introducing new players to the world of TTRPGs in equal measure to immersing experienced players into rich Homebrew worlds. I like for my Players to feel powerful and comfortable taking charge and fully encapsulating their chosen characters.

GM style

I love to run rich Player Focused, Heavy Role Play games, that are toward the Rules Light end of the spectrum. I specialize in High Magic, Character Centric homebrew games that incorporate 3rd Party Published resources for alternative character progression, Crafting Rules, Parallel Magic Systems, Custom Abilities/Magic Items. My overall aim is to help all those who are at my tables to feel welcome and have a fun, enjoyable time sharing in the magical collaborative storytelling that D&D and other TTRPGs facilitate.

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