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The Masked DM

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About me

My name is Jeroen (aka: The Masked DM) and I've been enjoying the wonderful world of Pen and Paper for over 10 years now. After having started attending LARP (Live Action Role-Playing) events as an unknowing youngling, I finally was exposed to the lore rich environment that is the Forgotten Realms. From there it escalated into a variety of different systems and games that I would try out. With my main passion and love focussing entirely on the Pathfinder system and the world, Golarion, in which it takes place. The larger part of these years I have spend as the eternal DM as it has become my passion and obsession to provide an interactive story that engages and entertains those that sit down at the table with me. A storyteller is what I am and what I will always aim to provide. It gives me great joy seeing my players exploring every single corner of what the game has to offer and challenge me, personally, to adapt to whatever is going on. The most amazing memories are crafted together! I'm looking forward to be able to do the same for you and your friends.

GM style

Do you enjoy colourful stories that you can affect with your actions? Do you enjoy consequences and their many different ways to alter the game? Do you enjoy finding creative leaps and bounds to bounce through a situation for better or worse? You have found the right location for such ventures, for sure. Within my universe I provide a variety of different qualities for you to enjoy along with wonders to witness: - A constantly adapting living world with lore galore - NPCs with more personality than stats - Gritty and dark adventures for tension - Consequences to actions to enhance the roleplay - A constant rule of cool in case the rules don’t want to bend - Strong desire to make the players have an amazing time - Play to lift rather than play for power - Good and difficult combat to enhance the scene There is pride in taking those that sit at my table through stories in a way where they can truly immerse themselves in what happens around them. It is a joy to make you care and create situations in which such care gets tested and tried. But most of all: I aim to create a safe, exciting and comfortable environment in which we get to roll some dice! Join the Masked DM Universe community and lets start making history together.

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