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About me

Valhallo! My name is Jotun Redwulf and I am a VTuber Dungeon Master! I have been playing various TTRPGs for 23+ years and am very well-versed as a storyteller! I have utilized systems ranging from 3rd Edition, Pathfinder, White Wolf, 5E D&D, and more! I am a streamer on Twitch but I'm also looking to broadening my content on YouTube with some pre-recorded sessions (with permission of interested players of course!) I look forward to having you at my table!

GM style

I prefer "role" to "roll" play in many cases. Rich stories built on interaction and collaboration between Players and Dungeon Master. I could go a whole night without rolling dice and if we had ourselves a good time interacting or sculpting drama, I am 100% for it! That's not to say you can't have the good ol' fashioned combat in there also! We try to keep things fairly balanced here. For every "talkie" session, there's bound to be one to scratch the "hack n' slash" needs!


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