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Greetings investigators and adventurers! My name is Joab Stieglitz (he/him) and I been a Game Master for nearly 40 years. I enjoy providing people an escape from mundane life. Whether it be fighting monsters, exploring space, fighting WWII, or being a cat, I provide an enjoyable experience. I aim for 50% role-playing and 50% action/investigation. I am a Roll20 Pro subscriber and have integrated numerous APIs into my games to make the maps more entertaining. I also provide a complete adventures, which tailor to the players based on the interests of the players and actions of the characters. I offer beginner games using publish modules for • Call of Cthulhu • Dungeon Crawl Classics • Mothership • Stars Without Numbers • And others As well as one-shots or campaigns using published modules or customized settings such as • World War Cthulhu • DCC Lankhmar • WWII Operation White Box • Fallout 2d20 The gaming table is meant to be a place for entertainment, exploration, and storytelling. I do not abide by political, racial or any other kind of offensive talk. My games are all inclusive, and can be tailored to the sensibilities and preferences of the players. Away from the game table, I am also the author of pulp adventure novels with Lovecraftian elements. Check them out at I am also currently working on Cthulhu Crawl, a Lovecraftian investigation using the Dungeon Crawl Classics ruleset. So, if you want to engage in an immersive, fun gaming experience, call on me.

GM style

I've been role-playing since the seventies. I started with D&D, but moved on to more interesting things over the years. I have run numerous Call of Cthulhu/World War Cthulhu/Trail of Cthulhu campaigns, as well as Dungeon Crawl Classics, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Savage Worlds, and many others. I prefer that players become their characters rather than their presence being dictated by statistics. I do my best to provide characterization for everyone the PCs may encounter. I’m a friendly, easy going GM. I’m not a rules lawyer, and I don’t get wrapped up in the nuances of the mechanics. The game is meant to be fun, and online games are meant to be engaging. Dwelling on the rules detracts from game play.


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