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About me

Hi there! My name is Bryan, I'm looking forward to meeting you already! For me, the greatest appeal of Tabletop Roleplaying Games is their innate ability to confront dangerous situations in comfort and security. For some, that's a fire-breathing drake! For others, a great and terrible political plot. For many others still, it can simply be a confrontation of the dangers of expressing our true selves in our society or social groups. Every table I run comes with a strict and stringently reinforced promise of safety and security; real life is uncomfortable enough without fantasy being the same. For each of my players, I will work with you directly to establish boundaries and rules to create the most comfortable space for you, as well as a group in which you feel welcome. See you out there!

GM style

I enjoy running games that are diverse and varied; relying on as many pillars of play as possible! I believe in combat with intention, characters with purpose, and system experimentation. When it comes to character creation and expression, I'm notoriously flexible. Do you want to play a character that is a suit of armor full of bees? We can do that. Do you want to craft a laser rifle? Sure, let's talk about components. Tabletop gaming is, for me, the ultimate expression of creativity. Let's make the rules work for us, instead of working within their confines! I work with my players to find a style and subject that is interesting, engaging, and fun to explore.


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