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About me

D&D is a very special game to me. Some of my favorite memories come from playing since I was a teen to now as a dad with two young kids of his own. I love the combination of improv, collaboration, and wargaming mixed into one. In my games you'll get an immersive experience with lively characters, challenging encounters, and (best of all) memories and stories to share with friends for years to come.

GM style

I love creating and inhabiting NPCs and monsters. With me you'll find fun character voices, NPCs with their own goals/ambitions, and a world brought to life with immersive storytelling. I run combats on a grid and really love tactics. I reward clever roleplaying and like to say "yes, but" more than just "no". My table is open to all types of players. Want to kill monsters? Sure. Sneak into the king's chambers? Sure. Search for a forgotten mine? Go for it. I view the table as a place for collaborative storytelling. I don't view myself as the god of my world, more as the narrator. I want the characters to drive the plot and action.

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