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About me

You may have seen me stream as a guest DM on for the relaunch of Ptolus in 5e by Monte Cook Games! I've been playing and running table top games since AD&D and have experience in a number of systems such as Cypher System, Savage Worlds, Blades in the Dark, and more. Because of my breadth of system knowledge, I wanted to bring my unique style of focused, narrative storytelling to more people, as well as potentially spread the word about the Ptolus setting (a setting I spent 10 years playing in a single campaign with the same group and PCs!). If you're looking to break from fantasy, I've also got you covered with 80s era Superheroes to Weird West. Let's find something that works for you!

GM style

First and foremost I am your cheerleader, not your adversary. I want to see you do cool stuff and make great memories. To do that I rely more on narrative styles than being strict by the dice. This doesn't mean I don't like crunch (I played for several years in Pathfinder and loved it), I just find that leaning more toward the story over dice to be more enjoyable. So let's jump into a game together and tell a story together. Let the rule of "Yes and... Or No but..." Guide us to tell a great story together that we will all remember for years to come.


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