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About me

Hi, my name is Kan, and I love writing, reading and playing fantasy games. I have over ten years of experience playing roleplaying games and have been an active member in the D&D community for five years now. I study Creative Writing and English Literature at the University of Leeds in the UK and I'm the president of the DiceSoc (TTRPG Society) where I run weekly games for our near three hundred members. I am very patient, flexible and accommodating to both new and experienced players, and love teaching the world of D&D. Aside from being a DM, I am a lover of writing and poetry, which I will include in the game as my way to freshen up the lore.

GM style

I have over ten years of playing roleplaying games. The majority of that has been D&D or other house-ruled minigames. I used to play little roleplay encounters with my dad and sister whenever we went on camping trips and would play out our little characters in the car. My “special gift” that you will discover is an exceptional ability to improvise, roleplay and initiate potential quests on the spot. That being said, my experience as a player in 5e is limited compared to the time I spent as a DM. Several sessions after my first ever 5e campaign, I offered to DM and have been the Forever DM ever since. It's been a rocky journey, as it always is, but I taught myself through my failures to get to where I am now. Since I started DMing, I have over five years of running campaigns, four using Roll20 (running games online). My longest game lasted two years, but the completion depends entirely on the players. Due to my imbalance of experience running in person, I took on the role of president of my D&D society at my university to get more in-person experience, and it's been monumental to my progress in an amazing way! I am very patient, flexible and accommodating to the requests of my players. I love to see the innovation of my players meld with the lore and mechanics of my world to produce amazing stories to be retold. I've DM'd for roughly 150 or so different people during my career as a DM (calculated via Roll20 and the D&D community server I co-own) and taught a good thirty or so of them to DM and at least a hundred to play. As a DM and a writer, I've constructed many plots and stories that can be run as modules or one-shots, and I love creating a solid narrative whilst DMing. Utilising (perhaps not so good) voices, descriptions and thematics, I take pride in the development of the world my players get to experience. I specialise in dungeon crawls and roleplay, exceeding as a competent combat DM that slips away from turn times to use good thematic combats described without too much of a sense of urgency on the players. I aim to provide the opportunity of one combat encounter per session. I may need to improve at various voices or impersonations, but I love to create mystery through roleplay and my NPCs. Through many campaigns I've run, I've found that my skills genuinely shine in dungeons, which is half of D&D (I mean, it's literally the first-word aha). As a flexible DM, I am more than willing to exclude or include new house rules at the consensus of the group or to make new players ease into TTRPGs. I shape the mechanics of my games around the experiences of my players, and if that experience is less than the rest, I won't force new players to learn things that aren't found traditionally within the rulebooks. My Weaknesses Talking about one's flaws takes great skill, a feat I must acknowledge for better or worse. My main weakness in DMing is my consistency in running games and an overall respect for my mental health. I am currently "managing" life, as is the rest of the world, and mine seems to be made up of study, financial issues, mental health, and work. Due to these factors, I can’t run a consistent schedule. Sometimes, I must cancel at the last minute or feel unprepared for the task. I understand that these also apply to everyone else in the game, which is why to cope, I often have a bi-weekly schedule (every other week), as it gives me a chance to rest and plan for my next game. There are also times, like with every DM, that I betray my values, most commonly caused by stress from either internal conflicts or external factors. At these points I make full use of the safety features available to me to mitigate unwanted circumstances and ensure that my players and I have an enjoyable time at the table. I run both module and homebrew games. My homebrew world is vast and expansive, and you can read the reviews from my players if you're interested in discovering the world of Ruha. I've been working on it since 2018, creating gods, magic, monsters, maps, timelines, stories, weapons, planes of existence- pretty much everything you can expect out of a TTRPG system. Therefore I do charge more for my homebrew campaigns, they're guaranteed to have more custom and tailored content that requires more of my planning time as opposed to traditional 5e modules. I run seven campaigns a week, Monday morning and evening, Tuesday morning and evening, Friday evening and Saturday evening.


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