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About me

🌐[Personal Website] 👋Hi! I’m a professional Dungeon Master, TTRPG writer, and coach who has run over 1,000 Dungeons & Dragons (5e) sessions! 🐲I run tables for vacation experiences such as D&D in a Castle and have written for companies such as Modiphius, Dungeon in a Box, and [NDA].😏 🦇My best-selling supplement, She is the Ancient: A Genderbent Curse of Strahd Guidebook, is available in PDF and hardcover on DMs Guild. 🧪My next book, Daughter of Frankenstein, releases in late 2023. 👍I’m a certified therapeutic dungeon master who works to bring accessibility to the game. I believe in “yes, and,” consent, and collaborative storytelling. 🎃My favorite genre is horror, and I bring some of it to all of my stories. We meet in a private channel via my publishing company's Discord. The games will be conducted on Google Meet to have high-quality subtitles during the call. Check Out My Socials: 🐦[Twitter] 🖼️[Instagram] 💻[Facebook] 🎥[Twitch] 📱[TikTok] 📽️[YouTube]

GM style

❤️ Beth's games are ALWAYS inclusive & beginner-friendly. ❤️ Games are typically inspired by horror & mystery. ❤️ Players form long-term friendships with each other & with Beth based on memorable table experiences. ❤️ Combat isn't traditionally crunchy but much more narratively driven and has a strong story impact. ❤️ Beth prefers narrative and theater of the mind but has plenty of experience with epic dungeon crawls. ❤️ Each game implements the use of beautiful artwork & digital maps. ❤️ Player input and ideas are top priority. ❤️ Safety tools are implemented and enforced before our first session. ❤️ Games are player-character and roleplay-focused. ❤️ Beth doesn't shy away from NPC voices.


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