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About me

I first came to Dungeons and Dragons in high school through my love of ancient and medieval history. Since then I have gotten a masters in pre-modern history and started a patreon detailing my setting for the World of Nightwick. I enjoy mixing history with elements of horror, dark fantasy, swords and sorcery, weird fiction, and science fantasy into my world building. I began running Dungeons & Dragons and other RPGs in 2003 but have had experience running games online since 2012. I’ve run and played in games using just a hangout app and theater of the mind, digital whiteboards, and applications that allow for grid combat with detailed maps and tokens. Currently my schedule is flexible. Note: I started this account before I started transitioning so reviews saying "Evan" are also for me.

GM style

My D&D games are sandboxes focused on exploring dungeons and other weird locations. This exploration takes place in settings I create in order to give them strong thematic coherence. The themes are often based on pre-modern history, horror fiction and film, and midcentury science fiction and fantasy films. I take a lot from classic editions of the game in terms of exploration and procedure, and mapping and resource management are often a large part of my games. I like my games to be roleplaying medium - with characters being grounded in the setting in some ways but without the need for extensive backstories. These days I've mostly been running tactically complex combats with grids, though I often play the monsters not as tactical geniuses but rather as motivated by whatever motivates them in setting. I've run games though that relied much less on grids and am willing to return to theater of the mind if that's what's players want. I try to be a neutral arbiter as a DM, preferring to rely on the oracular power of the dice rather than pre-made stories. I also roll many die rolls in the open. My games often include dark subject matter that may be unsuitable for minors, though this varies depending on the setting.


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