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About me

Hi, name is Hank. I am a amateur voice actor and streamer on Twitch and always enjoyed Improv and Role-playing in general. I found a real love for DMing all sorts of TTRPGs when I was younger as a way to connect and create fun environments to help others escape the reality of day to day. I encourage role-playing and fun first and foremost at my tables, but I also enjoy creating puzzles through the rules of any system we're playing. I've lots of experience running Dungeons and Dragons, but have also ran successful FATE, Call of Cthulhu, Pathfinder games. Personally I always roll in front of my players and transitioned to using VTTs since the Pandemic. I currently really enjoy running 5e DND campaigns and run several of them throughout the week. I'd really like to transition from this being a hobby to a full-time activity. I already spend a significant amount of my time reading or planning games in my free time and would love to be able to do it in a more professional environment and setting.

GM style

I have four pillars of play, they are as follows: 1. Have fun! No-ones fun is better than the others. We should all strive to help each other to have as much fun as possible. Otherwise why are we even playing? 2. Role-play. I use fantastical voices for almost every NPCs or character you'll meet but this isn't a requirement for you. All I ask is you step into the mindset of the character you play as and see it as a chance to put on a new pair of boots. I reward making character decisions. I don't punish meta-gaming but it'll be more fun if you play through the experience of your character instead of yourself while we play. 3. Team-work. Pretty much every TTRPG is a team based game. The game will be plenty hard without you actively working against one-another. Besides, helping others shine in the spotlight brings a lot of fun to the experience. 4. Commit. Be on time, be ready to play. If you can't commit you probably shouldn't play, but I understand that life is more important than games. Still, this is pretty much foundational to be able to keep coming back to the table.


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