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About me

WELL MET. Let me introduce myself, I am DM Grendel. Irish born, dyslexic, oral storyteller and lover of role playing games. They remind me of sitting round a fire with a group of friends creating new storys. I am not an actor or voice actor and don’t expect my players to be either. I am more interested in the adventures we creat together. I have been DMing since the mid 80s, forever GM on D&D, Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel Superheroes and Vampire Masquerade among others. I am a world traveler, this has given me great insight on real world exploration, adventuring, different cultures and languages. Another string to my bow is I am a practitioner of martial arts both hand to hand and weapons giving me interesting perspectives in combat. I am trained in counselling skills and hold several qualifications in “safe guarding” for working with vulnerable people and groups. I volunteer with the blind and run games for both sighted and visually impaired players. My games are both tolerant and inclusive.

GM style

I like player-centred game, playing official modules exploring the rich lore of the forgotten realms. When you focus on the player character and their journey no two games are alike. Players come to me and say they love the game but they feel bad that the story is all about their character, only for me to tell them that they are the third player to tell me this in this game. I want all the players to feel like they are the hero.


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