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About me

It’s 1981 in Milwaukee Wisconsin, just an hour from Lake Geneva the birthplace of Dungeons and Dragons. It was an amazing summer that year because a classmate invited me over to play a new game called Dungeons and Dragons. Little did I know how it would change my life! We played through the campaign Scourge of the Slave Lords all summer long. It was an amazing summer. I still remember my first character Aragorn an archer ranger with a elven cloak who got turned to ash by a red dragon. Over the years I've played 1st Edition through 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons, along with extensive experience playing other RPG's. My favorite alternative to Dungeons and Dragons is Call of Cthulhu. Gaming is my primary hobby and I love role playing games of all kinds. I love weaving stories together cooperatively with my players and creating an environment where everyone feels both challenged by mind gripping dangers and proud to be the hero of the story. I want you to remember the game years later with a smile. I’ve been to almost every Gen Con since 1981 and several other game conventions both as a player and a game master. I’ve both played in and helped run the well known and popular Call of Cthulhu tournaments Novus Ordo Seclorum and Cthulhu Masters. Prior to the "great plague" I started running games at a local gaming tavern and soon helped start a gaming club called Adventurers Anonymous. We started with a small table and eventually grew to a gaming community of more than 100 people often filling up the bar with our players every Tuesday. We continued the community online weekly but I hope to share my experience as a game master with new players. A good roleplaying session can be better than the best book you’ve ever read or movie you’ve ever watched. Lets create a new memory and tell the stories of your characters together!

GM style

My GM style is both a mix of roleplaying and tactical game play. I try to adapt the gameplay to what the players are looking for. I tell a story and set the stage for the players to weave the heroic tale of their character. I try to keep to the rules but I am certainly not a rules lawyer and often differ to the “rule of cool” and what would make the story better.

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