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About me

Hello! I have been playing and hosting ttrpg for 22 years. I enjoy playing but it doesn't fulfill me the way hosting a game does. This is my life's passion. I have my own original world, named Convergence, that's large enough to accommodate multiple interlacing stories over distance and time. I'm also a classically trained chef, a writer(of course), and I love to create miniature art. I can accommodate new and experienced players alike. I love to teach; watching people make progress and develop personal play-styles is very fulfilling for me. My world awaits, will you join me? -AJ, DM

GM style

Whereas I love every aspect of the game(social, combat, and exploration), I have the most experience with combat. Simply because that's generally where players gravitate. That being said, I would love to see more roleplay in my games. As for exploration, I have an enormous world full of everything and anything you could think to find. Please, find it all. I will do voices, especially for important NPCs. As for content, I will meet with the party initially to determine if there are any off-limits topics. That being said I like to create peril. I want my villains to get under your skin. This is to make your eventual triumph that much more satisfying. I will work personally with you, the player, to make sure we keep things on the path you want for your character. The golden rule at the table is that everyone has fun! Please keep your fellow players in mind. Teamwork is at the core of TTRPG.


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