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Don't mind me. I'm just your average trickster fey. What did you say your true name was again? I love building hidden worlds of fantasy and playing within ones already crafted. While I enjoy the mechanics of savvy character builds and the delicious crunch of tactical combat, I love roleplay and nuanced storytelling most. I aim to make my gaming space inclusive and cozy. I seek players I can build a community with, celebrating diversity. When not playing ttrpg's I can be found stealing the intangible from mortals, working as an illustrator and singing to my cats. Don't mind me :D

GM style

I'm excited to DM and create experiences focused on character arcs, identity and narrative development. I see my role as a guide to world-building and story-weaving collaboratively with players. The bulk of my games are Play by Post, asynchronous text-based games. This play style occurs over chat and allows all involved to interact at their own leisure, availability and interest. This format is a great way to get roleplay serotonin between your other session-based games, breaks at work/school/household chores and is mobile friendly. Players can post a few times a week or several times a day; allowing time to plan in-character responses, digest a scene and express themselves through creative writing for a deep level of roleplay. I immerse players into my games with vivid text descriptions, npc/monster illustrations and actively update digital maps with tokens for encounters. I foster a welcoming atmosphere to all experience levels and will be there to help you with character creation, ice-breaking in party lounge, learning how to use the dice roller and beyond! Feel free to DM me with any inquiries. I love collaboratively home brewing settings for private games or running free-form private roleplay. Excited to meet you and begin our grand adventure together :D


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