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About me

I’ve had the pleasure of role-paying for over 30 years now. Having started DMing in the last millennium I have a fair amount of experience! From the start, my love of creating and writing lead me toward being a DM at the table. My goal has always been to take the players to a truly rich and vibrant world and provide a great pallet for them to express themselves through their characters. I always want to know what each player desires in a game! Through D&D, Hero’s Unlimited, Ninjas & Super-spies, Werewolf, Vampires, Cyberpunk, and now 5e Dungeons & Dragons I have developed my style and priorities as a storyteller and game-master. I specialize in world-building and as much original content as I can muster! I weave the backstories that my players create into the campaign story and provide backstory for those players who don't write one of their own. My players should hold me to a high standard and give feedback about what they like. One of my favorite things about role playing is that moment when a player or group comes up with a creative and hilarious idea and we try to play through it! Belly laughs all around. I love it when my players surprise me. Join up and lets have blast!

GM style

I concentrate on player centric stories with well developed NPC’s and original worlds. My campaign styles tend towards fantasy, historical/mythological, sandbox, and classic dungeon crawl. Unless the player group wants otherwise I include a fairly even mix of adventure, exploration, combat, riddles/puzzles, and social/political intrigue. The litmus I use for determining success as a GM is whether or not my players are getting what they need from the game time. I gauge this by how much fun they have! Tactical combat is important and a lot of fun, either on a battle map or in our minds, but I feel it should hold feeling and emotion. The combat, puzzles, mysteries and adventures should be critical story points, not just XP bridges!

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