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About me

Hello folks! I'm Shiv, a 33 year old from Scotland and a Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) enthusiast turned professional Dungeon Master (DM)! I've been playing for around Eight years, initially forming an interest with a group of in-person friends. After several drunken meet ups, I was hooked and had to get my fix online due to the scheduling difficulties of adult life!! I played several online games before taking a stab at running my own. Turns out I love horribly plagiarising all the wonderful nerdy influences in my life such as Lord of the Rings, World of Warcraft, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Z, Castlevania, Warhammer 40k, and many, many more... I've been running regular online D&D 5e games for the last Seven years with over 4,500 hours on Roll20, my platform of choice. I've ran many campaigns including modules and homebrews and I've learnt a lot about what makes good, fun, interesting yet challenging sessions. Personally, I'm a big advocate of creating a realistic world, with impactful role play and time sensitive consequences. I also enjoy team strategy and building very challenging encounters. I'm a regular bloke, with a successful primary career, a fluffy dog, who enjoys escaping our reality and having a laugh with some likeminded individuals for a game of Dungeons & Dragons! When I run a game, my golden rule is 'We're all here to have fun'! The beauty of D&D is the collaborative story telling experience! I enjoy gently coaching my participants to become great players who revel in other character's storylines and also build genuine connections with your fellow players. If you are interested in any of my games, I must insist in having a chat over discord to make sure the game style is right for you! This has been a key driver of my success in the professional D&D world as it helps build fantastic and inclusive groups! I don't have huge amounts of reviews, this is because I don't have a high turnover of players! This can be seen from the games ran to review ratio. My price is at a premium, but I can proudly say, I put a huge amounts of work into building any games I run for a professional experience. This includes: 🔥Helping players create a character that has authentic links to the games narrative through a session zero 🔥Custom maps from amazing artist on platforms like Patreon 🔥Roll20 Macro's for easy player use 🔥Roll20 API's supplemental game play 🔥Custom Artwork 🔥Pre game script writing 🔥Character designs via HeroForge 🔥Discord Bot for music immersion 🔥Customising Modules for a unique world 🔥2>3 Years Professional DM experience When you join one of my games, you are welcomed to my discord community. It has all the amazing players from my games who share memes and talk D&D. I advertise all my upcoming campaign and one-shots there first and priority is given to the community. I also share a number of resources and helpful links. Our community have all been verified by me and our awesome D&D players who are mostly professionals in their own industries world-wide. Including News reporters, Podcast Producers, VFX artists, Stock traders, Healthcare professionals and Lawyers. Current reoccurring game schedule and capacity: Wednesday: 😈Eye of Vecna! - Full, started May 2024 6/6 Player Thursday: 🐉Glory of the Giants - Recruiting now, started May 5/6 Players Replayable One Shots: 🏰Dragonlance: Breach of Dreadfort - not currently scheduled 🐲Shadow of Tiamat (Ultra high level Homebrew) - not currently scheduled ⚡Arena of Olympus (Mid level Homebrew) - not currently scheduled If you have any questions or interested my any of my adventure vacancies or upcoming games, pop me a message! If you do message or request to join please bare with me as I pick up messages when I can outside of running my main business. You can also contact me directly on Discord @dmshiv Thanks for viewing my profile, DM Shiv

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