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About me

I am a 36 year old being (He/Him) who has discovered the perfect outlet for the overflowing chalice that is my imagination: Playing Dungeons and Dragons! I have recently began a new chapter of my DM/GM career by playing across the lands virtually. I spend at least 10 hours a week over the last few years honing my Virtual TableTop (VTT) skills to best perform for a group of Adventurers. I have been running D&D 5e in person games for the last 6 years. I have also been (too?) deep into the lore/playing/rules and culture for at least 16 years. My love started with one book: 'Dragons of Autumn Twilight'. I HAD to play a game where I could be a gold skinned wizard and throw fireballs. My first experience was with 3.5e and it grew with every step down a low lit dungeon, full on edition change , sourcebook and homebrew... I am an avid Critter and TAZ supporter, and I can't get enough! I want to share this passion with as many people as I can. We run games with three programs: Foundry (VTT), DND Beyond, and Discord. This setup is not only easy to use, but is also 100% free for players. We use the AVRAE discord bot to make first time players have easy access to most rules needed through game chat. All games will have a Campaign link provided to my DND Beyond account allowing for full access to my purchased content for dialing in your perfect PC. I will assist in the creation of PC's to have your ever compelling backstory tied to the main adventure! (Campaigns Only) I also encourage rolling your own physical dice during games. If you do not own any physical dice (yet) your bases are covered through any of the three programs listed above. For personal safety reasons and graphic content that can come about during combat situations I restrict my games to 18+ years of age. ***ALL PEOPLE ARE WELCOME AT MY TABLE***

GM style

I love imagination above all. Context is a close second though, meaning: If it breaks immersion, it had better be HIGHLY comical XD. I do my absolute best to make sure that games are exciting (treasure), fun(treasure), puzzling (treasure), and full of glory (treasure)! Did I mention treasure?! I love to reward outside the box thinking and teamwork. I lean towards rule of cool vs. RAW (rules as written) as long as it doesn't interfere with anyone else or cause something to become OP (over-powered). No playstyle is frowned upon unless it is an active detriment to the majority of the party. (***Campaigns Only***) I like to actively help my PC's develop into who they want them to be. I will be accessible outside of scheduled game times for character development (Cross class ideas, future plans, possible retcon, ect). I would much rather help you all tell an engaging and inclusive story than get a new notch on my PC death belt. This world is ours, lets make it feel that way!


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