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About me

šŸ‘‹ Rolling the bones since 1992... šŸ“£ Greetings and salutations, traveler! Have a seat and listen to my tale... šŸ“£ I am Jim and I hail from Greece. Most people know me by Lord Stendor, due to my booming voice which I try to keep detained. I have been a player and a game master for more than 3 decades. I have wandered in the endless paths, roads and starlanes of storytelling and met so many interesting people while having dragon hoards of fun! From classic Dungeons and Dragons to the World of Darkness to the Warhammer Universe, I have sailed through the pages of lore and adventures! I like to try all sorts of weird and fun new TTRPGs. I currently dabble with EclipsePhase 2E and Numenera, while I run campaigns in Warhammer Dark Heresy 1E and Dungeons and Dragons. I am a details freak and I love to create new stories, situations and problems for my players. I am a fair player and even fairer game master, some may even call me "to soft". I am a strong believer that a GM is equal parts entertainer, judge and storyteller. It is the job of a GM to create a fun, fair and interesting environment for their players so everybody can enjoy themselves! The tables I run are expected to, first and foremost, respect the GM's judgement, but I am always open to listen to an argument first and judge second. I try to focus on narration, setting the mood and immersing the player in the environment. I also enjoy setting riddles and traps, so be careful. Come and join me traveler to the endless voyage within the pages of intrigue, fun and heroic deeds!

GM style

šŸ“š Preparation ... - I am a Game Master who believes in planning ahead for as many details as I can think of. But as with all things in life, the group can always surprise you. ... and flexibility āž° - Since people always have a way of surprising you, it is good to be flexible and creative. I like creating content on the fly, moving with the way the group is going. āš™ļø Adaptability... - I generally hate railroading a group and even in the most well designed adventures, there is always room for improvement which I strive to bring to my table. ... and creativity šŸŽØ - The key to our a game master's profession is creativity. I love creating new stories and new situations for my group, building upon the foundation of a good story or from scratch. āš–ļø Fairness... - It is the ugly truth that a game master must, many a time, rule on a difficult situation that someone disagrees with. You should keep in mind that I always try to be as fair and logical as possible. ...and firmness šŸ¤ - I am a very liberal and inclusive person. I expect on my table to everyone treats everyone with respect and dignity. šŸŽ† Entertainment... - As I frequently say, the game master is, first and foremost a Bard-an entertainer. It is my job to create an entertaining and fun environment for my groups. ...and challenge šŸ² - But a game master is also a strategist, which means that the challenges he creates must be memorable and engaging. šŸ“ˆ Improvement... - I strive every day to improve myself and my work. I learn from all of you and build upon the structure we call life. ...and feedback šŸ“„ - I am always open to critique that will help me better myself. This is why I always hold some time after sessions to learn and acknowledge mistakes or omissions.


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