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About me

I am a storyteller at my core. The collaborative and versatile format of TTRPG’s (Table Top Role-Playing Games for the uninitiated), happens to be one of my favorite ways to tell my stories; because in this way they’re not solely mine but they are in large part formed around the players I have at my table; virtual or otherwise. My love of Dungeons and Dragons began in middle school when my dad ran my first game for me and my younger brother. He had grown up in the 80’s and played the first modules and systems released by TSR at that time. When he set up that game for my brother and I, it fascinated me and sparked my imagination in a way that no other medium of entertainment had; or, I suspect will. Not too long afterward the 5th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons was released and I bought all of the initial books. I roped anyone who would let me into a myriad of games; extended family members, younger siblings and friends alike. As time went by, I discovered shows like Critical Role and realized that D&D was becoming something more than an underground game enjoyed and talked about in hushed tones. It was becoming a cultural phenomenon again. This spurred me to hone my talents and develop a specific style as a DM. I ran games throughout high school and college and introduced many new players to the game. The spark that I encountered my first time playing, is the very same spark I see in the eyes of new players when they suddenly realize, ‘Wait! I can do THAT?!’. Fanning that spark into a flame for another person is by far my favorite thing about this method of storytelling. In more recent years I have done my best to learn more about other games and systems for a broader scope of stories and experiences that I can give to my players. I am always looking to become more accomplished and hone my craft. I suppose the long and short of it is: I am comfortable with brand new and seasoned players alike, and it is of utmost importance to me that you, the player, come away from whatever story we’re telling together feeling excited and like you collaborated with others. I would be honored to DM or GM for you and see what adventures await us! Onward and Upward!

GM style

I have a pretty heavy theater background and do my best to inject that into my games, from story arcs, to engaging NPC’s. I believe that TTRPG’s should be as immersive an experience as possible. This is why, when I am able to run in person games (and not constrained by a global pandemic), I light candles, curate playlists and ambience and even on occasion; cook themed food and drinks. I’m working on ways to bring the same kind of immersiveness to my online games, but in new and creative ways. It’s important for me that combat and conflict doesn’t drag, especially in larger groups, so I try to use the rules to their greatest effectiveness to create exciting and memorable combat. I am always for the players and their enjoyment however, so I've been known to go more “rules-light” at times. I deeply love true role-playing and the life and depth it can bring to a world and it’s characters; but am respectful of others comfort levels concerning it. I have several resources and exercises for newer players to try so that I can gauge what kind of game they want to play the most.

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