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Greetings Adventurers, Well met! I am Dungeon Master Paul and I am honored you have stopped by in your quest to retain a Professional Dungeon Master for your game. Let the Tale begin! I am a Dungeon Master with forty plus years of experience. I started out as a young untested Dungeon Master at the mere age of eleven in the Northern Lands (Canada) when I received the Tomes of the Dungeon and Dragons Red Basic Box set (including the Keep on the Borderlands module) for a grand birthday gift from my mother. I studied the Tomes Day and night and when I thought I was ready to unleash my skills as the Dungeon Master I gathered my courage and summoned my adventurous childhood friends to the quest and thus began a grand epic adventure in which we played the rest of the summer break, day, and night. To which I discovered my true calling; I am a rare individual that truly enjoys being the Dungeon Master and watching the stories my player characters create out of the adventures that is put before them. Since those days many years ago, I have introduced hundreds of new players to the game of Dungeons and Dragons. I have game mastered over 50 different types of role-playing games from Aliens to Traveler, Rifts to Gamma World, D&D 1e to D&D 5e. As an experienced Game Master. I have had many different types of players and play styles, and all are welcome at my virtual table. Respectful and supportive play are mandatory. I enjoy running a character-driven story balanced with a bit of everything including exploration, social interaction, and combat as all are important elements in a grand epic adventure. DM Paul's Real-World Proficiencies, Skills, and Interests As a student of continuous advancement, I commend myself on my learning process through the years, my education profile consists of High School, University SC Management, Industrial Health Safety Coordinator Auditor level, Human Resources Certification, Advanced Training in Leadership and Team Building Principals. As well my professional career advancement encompasses. The following Industrial Health and Safety Coordinator, Industrial Human Resources Coordinator, Professional Industrial Trainer, Professional Group Speaker and System and Document Management My current occupation: Professional Game Master. Interests Profile: •Books: Drizzt Do'Urden, Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser, Conan,Tarzan •Movies and TV: Lord of the Rings, Wizards, Conan, Aliens •Video Games: PC, FPS, RTS, 4X •Hobbies: TTRPG, reading, creative writing, pc gaming •Other: History buff, Advanced First Aid, camping enthusiast DM Paul's Philosophy Adventures are about the players their stories, backgrounds, allies, and villains. Materials, whether published or my own, are there to guide, support, hinder or reward the players. By using this philosophy, I and my players have found this makes for an incredible attachment in memories and fun. If you are looking for a full time skilled Professional Game Master to run your Basic or Advanced game of Dungeon and Dragons, or another game, look no further. Let's create a grand epic adventure together. Reach out to discuss custom campaigns or custom groups, or look for one of my posted games.

GM style

In my 40+ years as a Game Master I have run most types of games, with players from the barbarian who just want to hack and slash all night long (and that's ok) to the wizard who will spend three sessions looking for an old scroll in a city library (an adventure unto itself, and that's ok too. It is my task as a Professional Game Master to blend and guide the distinct character stories together, so that each player feels engaged in their own story while still involved in the greater adventure. As your Dungeon Master, I offer the following DM profile and game elements I use at my table for your review: • Game Master with over forty years of experience • All Adventurers are welcome, from beginners to advanced • Social interaction: safe and respectful atmosphere • Theatre of the mind with Digital Play support • Collaborative and intuitive storytelling • Relevant stories about your character’s past and future • Sight: Descriptive, D&D Beyond, Foundry VTT, Discord • Sound: Descriptive, D&D Beyond, Foundry VTT, Discord, Music • Voices: Not a voice actor but I do enjoy doing voices and will • Exploration: Diverse locations, terrain, and weather hazards • Combat: Strategic and Descriptive, Foundry VTT, Discord • Mystery: Balanced, story driven, character-specific • Horror: Occasional, story driven, Halloween one-shot • Comedy: If the Module calls for it or it occurs naturally • Episodic play: One mini-story or side story per session • Campaigns: Series of sessions with ongoing story arc • Rules: Run as written unless pre-agreed house rules are in play • Pre-written modules: As written with character story integration • Home brew material: As written with character story integration Digital Play support: • Foundry Virtual Tabletop: Free to players • Standard: D&D Beyond: Free, shared content material • Standard: Discord: Free, simple to join and use • Dedicated private server: Smooth game play Adventurers must have the following magic to use my services: • Working Laptop or PC (windows only) • Working internet connection • Working Head Set and Microphone • Free D&D Beyond account DM Paul is here to provide the service of Game Master, Story Guide, Mediator, and co-author of your Epic Grand Adventure. Seek me out to create an adventure just for you or your group or look for one of my posted games to join. I look forward to facilitating your next adventure! Private or Group Game Booking Rates •6 player table = $20 per player/session. •5 player table = $25 per player/session. •4 player table = $30 per player/session. •3 player table = $45 per player/session. •2 player table = $55 per player/session. •1 player table = $60 per player/session. DM Paul's Table Etiquette Intolerance, abusive or negative behavior, and non-supportive play will not be tolerated at any time at my table. Failure to comply with stated rules will result in disciplinary action which could result in ejection and a lifetime ban without refund from the game and/or my table. As a Human Resources Professional, I can identify conflict points and emotional engagements. I will intervene in a timely manner, or if requested on behalf of all players in an attempt to de-escalate and meditate to resolve issues before returning to play. *Online Respectful Play Systems 1. RPG Consent Check List 2. X, N, and O Keys/cards 3. Breaks 4. Debriefing 5. The NPC Protection Act 6. Session 0 7. Highlight Reel and Wrap Session: * Sent in brief before game session 0

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