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About me

Thank you for taking interest and visiting my Professional Game Master profile. I believe the level of games I provide are a fulfilling and unique experience and an exceptional value for your entertainment investment! For decades I have poured my creativity into journals, packed with unique treasures, wild critters and epic characters! I offer to you brave adventurer, the opportunity to visit and explore the vast mindscape of the GrumpyGM! I focus on organic plot development in my stories and prefer to empower my players to influence & shape their world, instead of just reacting to it. I am a very skilled (improvisational) role player with a bottomless bag of tools, tricks, and techniques in my arsenal. My style allows me to fluidly react to curveballs provided by out of the box thinking players and deploy improvisational designs on the fly. I love the dynamics and endless possibilities with adventures in urban settings! Considered one the most difficult setting to properly portray by a game master, urban environments are my absolute favorite! Seriously, twist my arm, you won't regret it! I am passionate about developing complicated tales of intrigue and power politics. I DO NOT USE VIRTUAL TABLE TOP SOFTWARE! I provide a close experience to being at my game table! Physical maps, terrain, and heaps of painted miniatures! I believe in the "spirit of the game". My goal is to give each player equal time in the spotlight. I create a safe, inclusive space for everyone to play at my table. My goal is for everyone to have fun! Who exactly will you be hiring to lead your adventure? I have been involved with the game industry, in various capacities for over twenty years. I am a full-time, professional game master. I specialize in teaching new players as well as helping veteran players and GMs alike, raise the bar on their Craft. I run Corporate Team building programs utilizing gaming! I run daily/weekly campaign style D&D games for multiple groups of 9-13 year old children. I am a lifestyle gamer with 40+ years of experience playing, mastering, writing, and world designing for tabletop role playing games. I serve on the Board of Directors of a non-profit that uses role playing games for educational tools. I was the boss-man of the largest Organized Play Program in northern California. I hosted and produced a 'fairly' successful RPG podcast. I was the first GM to broadcast TTRPG sessions on the Twitch platform! It was actually called back when I started streaming. I was an early pioneer (2009) in developing methods of hosting & streaming tabletop RPG games without using virtual tabletop software. I call it, "Real Remote Tabletop". Hire me as your Game Master and I promise the experience will exceed your expectations! I am the host of a weekly play-stream campaign called Azmyth Busters, available on You Tube, Twitch, Instagram, and Facebook. I have a Patreon page. Please Visit & Support Me! The Game Academy

GM style

It's all about the story! I enjoy great tales unfolding within my game sessions! I DO voices! My NPCs are rich and believable personalities with complex motivations and odd mannerisms. I DO improv! I think, design and deploy game elements and story on the fly with seamlessness. Whether we are playing another author's work or something from my pen, players are challenged to perceive where one ends and the other begins. I DO crunchy mechanics with ease, but prefer sessions dominated by role playing! I empower my players to have an impact on the world, helping me shape not only the story but also the setting. I DO NOT use Virtual Table Top software! Ask me about the "Real Remote Table Top" experience I provide! I tailor the content, subject matter, and nuance of each session/game to match what is appropriate for each group.


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