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I am a GM with a lot of different interest, i love world building and i have been running games 8+ years, I'm always excited meet new people online as i can learn thing/culture from other country. I am myself running currently a homebrew campaign for almost 2 year and i love my player and i learn so much from them. I am new to StartPlaying games website but hopefully i can make new friends here. I believe in freedom of choice so as long you are in together as player please feel free throw a wrench in my scenario , i love when my player do the unexpected and when it make sense i will make sure each choice you make is meaningful because i think this is the real beauty of TTRPG. Money will be use for resources to buy maps/DND ressources, as i'm running homebrew i need some assistance. And also comms from my friend so you have personalized avatar in the game. If you have any question feel free to message me here or on discord i would be happy to answer all your question if anything i would recommend before booking as i want every group i make to be a good fit to each other. So if you are looking for thrilling unique adventures filled with drama and challenging combat, you have come to the right place. Note : profile image was commissioned by my good friend

GM style

I only run dnd5e at the moment as this is the current game I'm the most confident right now but that might change. All my games will be homebrew world as i have many world i have been dying to run, some of them may have video game influence as I'm a big nerd. My games are about 60% RP and 40% combat. I have my own set of house/homebrew rule which only goal is to make the experience for the player better but those will be discussed with player during session 0 and if any of them make you uneasy we will discuss as a group which one we will remove if need be. I love giving my player homebrew abilities and items on certain milestones so even if you are seasoned player each character you will make in my campaign will feel truly unique as they should. Backstory is every important as i will tied them to each plot campaign we play so make sure you have good one and i obviously will help to make sure your character feel part of the world we create. If backstory is not your strong suit, no problem i will help every step out of the way. My biggest love in DND is teaching new player get in the hobby.

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