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About me

You walk into a tavern… Hearing the sounds of minstrels performing to a crowd of drunk locals as they joyfully indulge after a hard day's work, you look across the lively tavern and see, seated at a table in the corner, a portly man sipping on a goblet adorned with symbols of a unicorn. His light brown hair is wild similar to that of a mad wizard and he dons a black eye patch covering his left eye. The man notices you and gestures to the chairs in front of him as he says, “Please have a seat, drinks will be brought soon. I am Rob One-Eye and I deal in stories. Do you want a good story filled with Monsters, Mystery, Friendship, Betrayal, Heroics and possible Romance if you're so inclined? Then you've come to the right table. All for a price of course. Well, what do you say? If you're interested then feel free to get comfortable and get ready for one hell of a story.” The man behind the patch Hello, my name is Robert and I love TTRPGs. From the epic nat 20s and hilarious nat 1s, to high stakes adventure and the camaraderie between a group of misfits. But most of all I love creating a wonderful story amongst friends. I started playing TTRPGs 12 years ago. I made a half vampire, half elven ranger who hunted undead due to his hopelessly tragic backstory. Honestly, that campaign was awful. Like real bad. So I decided to start running my own adventures… Which brings us to now, where I am older, wiser, blind in my left eye, and DMing professionally so that I can prove to my family that playing D&D wasn’t a waste of time.

GM style

A heavy focus on roleplay and character driven stories is my jam. I like to tailor my campaigns to your character, and weave the backstory of your character into the narrative. I do this to make you as the player feel like your character matters to this world. Your decisions will have an impact on the world, and its people. A multitude of factors will make fights impactful. A few examples include monster variety, clever terrain use, and optional objectives to keep the battle dynamic.

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