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About me

Welcome to my profile! Stay a while, read a little about me, and let's book some games! I have been running and playing TTRPGs since ~2017 having been drawn in by the social aspect. Some of my experience. I ran a homebrew 5th Edition D&D weekly online campaign from 2017 to 2021. I am currently running two weekly Mass Effect 5E hacks begun spring of 2023. I have mostly run D&D 5E but I have DM'd Starfinder and the FreeLeague Alien RPG as well. Hope to meet you soon!

GM style

I like putting sand boxes in front of my players to explore and discover in their own way, open ended gaming is what I am to do whenever possible. The social aspect of gaming is what keeps drawing me back. I try to create a casual game atmosphere with light hearted roleplay, and thrilling action. The rule of cool is in effect; with in reason of course. I personally prefer playing against type rather than Min/Maxing. I love working with new players and using tables to brake up routine; rolls for weather, encounters and even naming may appear! Working with players who like to root their characters in the world is always awesome and session zero's are to be expected. I handle my combat with respect. Combat is dangerous and not for the feint of heart. I don't like to pull punches when the players get themselves in over their heads. Fight an Ancient Red Dragon when you haven't prepared? You will end up BBQ. Don't let that scare you off though; a thoughtful party will have the means to avoid anything they don't think they can handle.

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