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A DM Dave Appears from the wild grass, roll for initiative! Hi there, my name is David, and I wear many hats: nerd, nurse, father and more, but on this website the crown I wear is that of a Dungeon Master! I was introduced to DnD early 2017, through a friend on a gaming server. The experience of being transported to a magical world was captivating, and I knew I wanted more. So began my journey. My free time became session prep, my hard drive became overloaded with DnD art; and I hunger for more like a Tarrasque at a family barbecue. I am based in the UK and am broadly available to play 8 pm UK time, which is 3 pm EST. I'm happy to run any specific requests on days I am not already running a game. Prices will vary between unofficial settings and published materials as preparing anything unofficial typically takes at least twice the amount of preparation than a pre-written module.

GM style

In my games, I give each of the three pillars of DnD love and attention but usually prioritize roleplay first, then combat, then exploration. 🗣️ Roleplay first! All characters in my games have their own motivations, personalities and backgrounds. How deep these go depends on the role they play in the story we are collectively telling, and some of my most memorable characters have been improvised on the spot! I am not a professional voice actor, but I utilize a range of accents and verbal tics to ensure characters that feature in gameplay are distinct and interesting. ⚔️ Combat second! After the roleplay, I like to throw in some spectacular fights at least every couple of sessions, with the mentality that quality beats quantity. I am an absolute addict for battle maps and tactical combat, and I love wowing my players with new battle map art, I have a whole hard drive filled with it! I also own all the official and kobold press bestiaries, and an assortment of other content online. I’m also fully capable of creating a monster from scratch using the rules in the official Dungeon Master’s Guide for the 5th edition, for special occasions. 🔭 Exploration is last but not least! The third pillar is the one that most often evokes feelings of wonder and awe, and can be a challenge to do justice. It's where the world-building comes to life and where I love to evoke those feelings in my players. I use a few techniques to make traveling and exploration engaging, such as group roles like “the tracker”, “the quartermaster”, and “monster bait.” I sprinkle in memorable landmarks and non-combat encounters to immerse players in the world by painting a picture with words.

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