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About me

Picture it - 1986. 5 children sit around a table while an adult teaches them to play D&D. One small, blonde girl rolls an oddly shaped die and the number facing up is a 20. The adult explains how her Fighter with an 18 strength just lopped off the enemy's head. The children cheer! That little girl wasn't me, it was my little sister. But even though that moment wasn't about my character it has stuck with me all these years. That is the power of role playing games. I played AD&D 2e until my early 20's when life just got too busy and friends drifted apart. I came back to the hobby like many others, after watching many hours of Actual Plays during the pandemic and deciding I just HAD to play again. Since finding a DM is hard and all those hours of watching others play made me feel like I knew the rules, I felt that the only way I could play again was to be the DM. I scoured the internet for one shots and other DMs to hone my craft with. I discovered Foundry and Adventurer's League and have been learning and growing with every game. I am really happy learning new systems and styles and always grab the opportunity to learn, play in or run new RPGs!

GM style

I straddle the line of Rules and Cool, the greatest creativity comes from having to work within limitations. I love roleplay, I enjoy when PCs have personalities and dreams and make sure the NPCs have their own goals and quirks. I encourage players to think and play as their characters, make "bad" in character decisions. I encourage roleplay over rollplay and give space for PC decisions to change the world around them. I love cinematic games which integrate backstory and PC experiences into adventures. I like to use prewritten adventures as frameworks, not blueprints. Choices the PCs make will affect the adventure later, whether for good or ill. I enjoy tactics as much as roleplay, and do my best to make the combats that do happen interesting and engaging. Remember not everything needs to end in violence, think outside the sword! Most of my modern D&D experience is in Adventurer's League, West Marches/Living World games and one shots. I am used to drop in games and merging player actions with plot lines to make a cohesive whole... except in the Feywild... only the Fae can make sense of the Feywild! I have been playing more and more outside of D&D. I love narrative games and am quickly falling in love with Powered by the Apocalypse in particular. It is my GM goal to learn to run Fate and to finally run the Dresden Files RPG.


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