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About me

My name is Eric, he\him. I am a father of 3 great kids, a husband and a nerd. My very first character was a Gnomish Tinkerer built using AD&Ds Dragonlance Adventures and my cousin, the DM, hated him. He actually killed my gnome with a wyvern in my second session. Even with such a rocky start I was hooked on TTRPGs I started DMing my own game shortly afterwards. I convinced some friends in highschool to play The Lord of the Rings Adventure Game with me. It was a very simple game to learn and play and after growing up around The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings it felt like a natural fit. We traveled around Mirkwood, into the Frozen Heath. We fought Orc and Spiders and wild beasts. I've come a long way from those beginnings over 20 years ago and am excited to make new stories with new people.

GM style

Player enjoyment is number one. I listen to my players, help them accomplish their goals and to tell their stories. I love doing silly, serious and scary voices to bring my NPCs to life. I dont expect voices from my players but am always happy to have people try. I maintain a safe table, where people know their boundaries will not be crossed and they will be safe to explore and roam where they will.


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