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About me

My stories are dynamic with strong pacing and atmosphere. I believe in the "Rule of Cool" and the motto "Roll Less, Do More." My approach to people is upbeat and helpful, above all. 😸 I am a voracious reader (fiction and nonfiction) and an aspiring adventure module writer. I come with decades of knowledge spanning a multifarious range of RPG systems and editions. My GM resume includes: - Youtube appearances with The Gauntlet RPG Community - Dragon Con (massive in-person convention) - A Weekend With Good Friends (online horror convention) - RPG Nook (online horror community) - ATLRPG (weekly in-person meetups 🥳) My favorite games tends toward horror (like Call of Cthulhu), old-school fantasy (like Shadowdark RPG), and games with lots of improv (like Blades in the Dark).

GM style

I believe in a relaxed, approachable environment at my table. I'm great at listening to players and managing the spotlight effectively, offering helpful options, and saying "yes, and" in the most empowering way. My character voices are improving as of late, and I've been told many of my NPCs are actually entertaining! 😸 I love improv, and the challenge of reacting to surprises that players often provide.

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