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About me

Just a big dork livin it up in beautiful Colorado. Go Broncos! RPGs are about a grand experience. We create a world together and live in that world, maybe for just one night, maybe every week for years. You'll delve into ancient dungeons and fight epic battles against (or maybe alongside) the forces of darkness. Attend court with scheming nobles and uncover their devious plots. Solve mysteries from long forgotten kingdoms so the restless spirits may be at ease.

GM style

My strengths are flexibility and narrative storytelling. My weakness is voice acting, especially accents. I have a strong understanding of the rules, but I will not let that bog down a game. I have experience running every type of game and a lot of mixed-bag games. Do you want to min/max your character to one-shot a god? Go for it and I will provide you a worthy challenge. Want to focus entirely on roleplaying? That's great too, let's tell a story that will be sung about until the Tarrasque returns. Want to try a little bit of everything, like a smorgasbord of flavors and colors? Let me guide you through the menagerie of adventures these games have to offer. The rules belong to us, not the other way around. I generally follow the rules as intended, but I will make exceptions when that's more fun. When there is controversy I'll make a quick judgment call and we can hash it out later. This is not real life and you are not limited by the real world. I typically stay away from puzzles and other challenges that take players out of the story. A player who is shy and quiet can still play a bard that can charm the robe off an archangel. A wizard can solve an anagram in an instant even if the player has never heard of one.

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