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Brenden Lewis
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About me

I've been in love with D&D ever since childhood, and nothing brings me more pleasure than sharing that love with others! I am a GM, player, and designer with years of GMing at conventions, live charity events, and private home games under my belt; so put me to work for you and your friends! Whether you are veteran players looking for a change of pace, or entirely new to the hobby, this is the table for you. Together we will weave exciting stories, and delve into fantastic worlds of our creation. I am queer, and my tables are an inclusive environment for queer individuals, POC, and disabled individuals. Safety tools are always available to ensure that every player has a comfortable experience by empowering them to stop the game, skip content, or tweak the tone. And I am always looking to improve my knowledge of inclusive practices.

GM style

First and foremost I see myself as a facilitator for storytelling. You focus on immersing yourself in the world, imagining what your character might attempt, and let me handle the crunchy rules bits for you. I actively encourage creative problem-solving, and often utilize non-traditional skill checks to adjudicate your character's efforts (Dexterity-Investigation check to fix some broken pottery, or perhaps a Strength-Animal Handling check to wrangle a goat for milking!) Beyond that central theme of story and creativity, my games depend on what my players want. Whether it be the chilling horror of Ravenloft or Ten-Towns, a traditional dungeon crawl, or a daring exploration of the wilderness, I want to run a setting that you will enjoy. My accent work is not the best or most consistent out there, but my NPCs are full of life and unique charm. Eccentric shop-keeps are a particular specialty of mine!


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