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✨😁Running custom tailored games since 95'!😁✨ Come check out the website! 📜Book me directly for custom one-shots, campaigns and excellent TTRPG experiences! 🌐Jump into a living world and establish your heroic legacy! 🌐 Lovecraftian horror, political intrigue, kingdom building, puzzle cracking, dungeon delving, wilderness exploration, sci-fi, hybrid fantasy and/or traditional fantasy, play in whatever style of game your looking for! 🩸⛩️Bloodgates Saga⛩️🩸 A looming meta-versal crisis threatens the realms.. The great wheel turns slower as timelines and realities interweave.. Uncover ancient secrets and powerful artifacts as you prove yourselves during the time before the Bloodgates... 🗺️These campaigns take place in the Tryndalys world setting, as the multiverse merges into one singular and tangled existence. Each game offered will be a unique experience and playing in an organic-living world gives the feeling of being part of something bigger... ✨In this epoch of epic adventures your party will be the first to witness the time of the Bloodgates!! 🖥️Audio run on discord (as well as world/game info for the organic living worlds), gameplay in roll 20. Friend me on discord with a message including your roll 20 gamer tag, Start Playing gamer tag and games your interested in! Amezerion#4697 Help the community of living games grow and show your support!

GM style

💫Roleplaying and voice acting are personal favorites to focus gameplay around. Intense combats are peppered throughout the living world but fear not, player power levels are unleashed with endless options! Deep story arcs, a richly developed world, uniquely tailored to you and your parties gaming needs! Whatever the game-style or character you want to play; 🩸Bloodgate Saga will satisfy the most veteran players and yet can still accommodate newbs! Always excited to get new players and teach them the ropes!✌️😁


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