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About me

Through schooling and into adulthood, I often found myself writing and worldbuilding. This was my main creative outlet, but it felt flat without an audience. Once I stumbled into TTRPGs, I realized this was a way that I could take these creative endeavors and provide them to an audience in a way that expands it from an isolated story to a broad universe that my players could leave their mark on. I've been playing TTRPGs for about 8 years, and a GM for about as long. I like to host games that allow players the freedom to play whatever they want with as little restriction in that regard as possible, without sacrificing the identity of the campaign itself. My goal as a GM is to give everyone the opportunities to play the characters they want and leave their mark on my settings in whatever way suits them.

GM style

I have a personal preference for a fairly even blend of roleplay and combat and the like, perhaps leaning more toward the roleplay side. I always try to do some level of unique voicing for characters in the games I'm involved in. Politics tend to be a weaker point for me in TTRPGs. I like to provide players with the freedom to build whatever characters they can, provided we're not sacrificing major elements of the identity of the setting in doing so. As for settings, I am a fan of a wide variety of TTRPG styles of settings. I am open to games set in sci-fi, fantasy, and modern settings. Within those broad categories, I would further delve into science-fantasy, post-apocalype, western and space western, comic-style superpowers, and more grounded modern settings.


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