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Austin McCarthy
Game Designer

2 years on StartPlaying

About me

Hello! My name's Austin and I've been doin' the DM thing for a decade now! I started out when I was 17, running largely Pathfinder and 3.5E and D&D has always been a huge passion project for me. I love writing, acting, co-operative storytelling and entertaining so tabletop gaming has been a fantastic outlet for that. I work great with new players, and am super patient with those who struggle with rules, helping as much as I can along the way! At this point, 5E is certainly my strongest system, purely based on the fact that its popularity is huge, though I'm comfortable in both additions of PF as well as older editions of D&D and a dash of World of Darkness. Stylistically, my specialty with making games is something of a blend of casuality, light-heavy roleplay and horror. To build on that, fun and casual at the table, jokes and whatnot but pulling focus in during important roleplay beats. I'm a horror-kid at heart, and a thumpin' good'n if I reckon myself, but it absolutely does not mean that every campaign I run is spooky or unsettling. It's perfectly fine for me steering far and away from that element of things if its not something players enjoy. Primarily, I run sandbox campaigns in the interest of having players have more agency than what a typical campaign may allow. That being said, I definitely run, and am running, quite a handful of first-party campaign stuff.

GM style

I love roleplay, especially during more impactful stuff, and am servicable with character voices. By that I mean I'm gonna do them. Horror is my favorite style to explore in tabletop gaming, as something about that type of storytelling just works very well for it.

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