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About me

Hello! My name is Zane Benavidez. I am a cave creature with chronic anxiety and a loud mouth, that will try desperately to make a cohesive story for people to follow and enjoy. I can't promise a fully immersive experience but I can promise a fairly robust ability to improvise and utilize DMing tools. My games are run in Dungeons and Dragons 5e, Stars Without Number, Worlds Without Number, and Starfinder. I prefer to utilize FoundryVTT through my own machine and like to utilize a personal Discord channel, with a category designated for each campaign that I'm currently running. Please don't be afraid to speak to me if you have any problems. I'm always willing to help smooth things over if my play experience isn't what you were looking for.

GM style

My GMing style is very heavy on the improvisation aspect; when something comes up from a player's actions, I try to respond as naturally as the world might allow, to the point I'm capable of imagining. Much of this comes from theatre of the mind play. I admit that my character roleplay needs a lot of work, but I excel at a few major themes. Combat is something I try to handle quickly, without an over-emphasis on crunch. I give players leeway to try unusual things and often reward them for creativity in a combat situation. I deeply enjoy roleplay as it is what drew me in as a player originally, even if I still struggle to put on the many hats of a GM, so to speak. Although I have little experience with them (yet), I am willing to use safety tools such as those found in the TTRPG Safety Toolkit, as well as the X-Card. By default, I will use the X-Card for its simplicity, just for my personal comfort with the concept, but I'm willing to use any other safety tools if players prefer them instead.


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