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About me

My passion started when I was a kid hanging out with my friends and instead of doing the Cops & Robbers with the physical outside I decided to do so in our minds with some dice I borrowed from my dad. From then on, I was hooked, but over time I have gradually learned to accept the death ball of fire in the sky. I have been a DM for over 25 years, having my first GMing experience be from an RPG that I created with a group of friends before I learned you could go and buy books that have rules in them. My experience is naturally split across multiple gaming types with about 6+ being D&D throughout its various versions (minus 4th), 1+ with Pathfinder (1st edition), and 5+ with nWoD and CofD. My style of gaming is to never be the "DM vs Players" but rather the "DM with Players". I value Player Agency above else and always try to find ways to get the spotlight shining on the players so that everyone feels like they are having a great time. I enjoy working with all experience levels, however, I am very much in the camp of "what i say is how it works". If you have a valid point or it is a rule I misread, then by all means I love to be corrected!

GM style

Roleplaying is key for my style of games since you need to interact with NPCs in order to learn more and solve the problem. Combat is something that does come up, but it is rare usually taking a large amount of build up before everything breaks out with the players being a small attack group against the main villains. I also like to throw in puzzles often to test challenge the players and when they are solved it gives a greater sense of accomplishment to a character versus just getting lucky on a die roll in combat. LGBTQIA+ friendly table.

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