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Richard Purdy

3 years on StartPlaying

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Highly rated for: Creativity, Knows the Rules, World Builder

About me

My great love is writing. All of my games take place in a homemade world that is largely sandbox. While I do enjoy modules, I enjoy the creative process and prefer to homebrew most of my campaigns and 1-shots. The 1-shots I do take place at different points during the world's history, so if you're interested in joining a campaign but want some hands-on experience in the world or to see some of my DM style, those are a great place to start. While I certainly have homebrewed the world, items, and even some class/subclass options, I don't like straying too far from the established DnD rules, so it won't be a massive shift. All of my games are based on DnD 5e, though I am still new to it as most of my time was spent running 3.5 games. The most important thing for me is bringing an adventure to players that they can have the freedom of choice in. While my campaigns do have a number of stories that can be told and lead up to high level finales, you can take any number of paths to get there. If you decide to take some time off from adventuring and open a trade business in a major city, that's something you can do, and I'll support your decisions and choices to the best of my ability.

GM style

I write living worlds where actions have consequences and the world continues to move on when you're not around. I don't like to punish players for their choices, but naturally, some decisions have negative consequences. I greatly enjoy and push for good roleplay; character backstories are implemented into the world and can becoming major plot points depending on what is written. Combat is designed to be difficult but not oppressive. Lesser enemies can down characters, but likely won't kill. Boss enemies will be designed with death as a possibility, but it isn't my intention. Especially when I want players to really be able to connect to their characters, I don't want to end their stories prematurely. I tend to do a variety of voices during roleplay. They might not be good, but I think the point of DnD is to be a little silly sometimes.

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