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John Foster (CorporateDM)

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About me

John Foster is one of CorporateDM's referees. He started with Red Box D&D 37 years ago and ran his first campaign as a DM 36 years ago. He is a Forgotten Realms enthusiast and specializes in the lore and history of Faerûn. He currently hosts Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 3.5rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons, and 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder 1, Pathfinder 2, Old School Essentials, and Castles & Crusades on the Fantasy Grounds platform for automation, but with emphasis on theater of the mind. His overall career has been in Technology, Finance, Accounting, and Law. His games tend mirror his path as strategy based with chartered adventuring companies, guilds, mercenary contracts, governmental licenses, and more.

GM style

The Forgotten Realms is a magical place to him and he hopes to bring that magic to you. He focuses on intrigue, moral quandaries, geopolitics, trade, mystery and crime solving. It is a fusion of the high strangeness of the X-Files meets Scooby-Doo & Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel with a small dose of Law and Order. There is lots of rubbing elbows with the nobility and the authorities, but still enough commoners at the tavern needing help to keep most adventurers busy. Session format is episodic with a large story arc with a quest and a conclusion given by the character’s bosses. The larger picture will not be apparent from episode to episode. Players do not need to attend every session to get enjoyment from the game. There are no cliffhangers and each episode concludes with everyone returning to basecamp where more or different companions may join next session. You may have heard this called a West Marches style game. Players may also participate in play-by-mail (PBM) style solo activities between adventures where their character can pursue their own objectives without the rest of the party. Adventures focus on the pillars of roleplay and exploration. You will find multi-dimensional beings in the world with complex motivations you will need to explore. At most combat is 20%-30% (based on number of minutes in the Combat Tracker). Almost all scenarios can be solved without violence. He pulls from 5th Edition Acquisitions Inc., 3rd Edition Stronghold Builders Guidebook, and 3rd Edition Arms and Equipment Guide to name a few to add some old school flavor. Players are encouraged to create a company and operate a guild, tavern, orphanage, or temple to earn passive income while adventuring. Go into business to find your fortune, seek knighthood to ascend the ranks of the nobility, join the clergy to rule a different kind of kingdom, or tame the frontier to become king of your own land. Options from Power of Faerûn are also at your disposal. John has studied the lore of Faerûn since the Forgotten Realms setting was released and strives to provide a near canon historical experience in the realms, with original content that avoids conflict with existing lore and official adventures. He keeps up with Ed Greenwood’s Twitter account and R.A. Salvatore’s books to be up to date on the latest developments in Faerûn. The campaign wiki has over 200 articles that extend the earlier edition lore of the Forgotten Realms with nations and peoples beyond the Sword Coast region you see in 5th edition official materials. Please check out his Upcoming Games on the right side of the profile billed at a per player per session basis. Standard rate for a single player with no other players (duet style) is listed under Book this GM. If you are interested in a custom game where he writes the adventure, creates the maps, etc. Please setup a no fee consultation to discuss your needs. Prices for custom work vary depending on number of players and other factors. To view his calendar and setup an online meeting visit:

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