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John Foster (CorporateDM)
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About me

John Foster, a seasoned referee at CorporateDM, embarked on his Dungeons & Dragons journey 38 years ago with Red Box D&D and swiftly transitioned into the role of a Dungeon Master within a year. His expertise lies in the rich lore and history of the Forgotten Realms, a passion that is evident in his campaigns. John currently conducts games across various editions of Dungeons & Dragons, including Advanced D&D, D&D 3.5, and D&D 5th Editions. He also hosts Pathfinder 1 and 2, Old School Essentials, and Castles & Crusades. All these games are facilitated on the Fantasy Grounds platform, where automation meets immersive storytelling. With a diverse career spanning Technology, Finance, Accounting, and Law, John's games often reflect his professional journey. They are strategy-oriented, featuring elements such as chartered adventuring companies, guilds, mercenary contracts, and governmental licenses. This unique blend of strategy and fantasy offers an engaging and challenging experience for players.

GM style

John Foster views the Forgotten Realms as a realm of enchantment and aims to share this magic with his players. His games are a blend of intrigue, ethical dilemmas, geopolitics, commerce, and mystery-solving, reminiscent of the peculiarities of X-Files, the camaraderie of Scooby-Doo, the supernatural elements of Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel, and the legal intricacies of Law and Order. Players will interact with both the high society and the common folk, ensuring a balanced and engaging experience. His sessions follow an episodic format, each contributing to a larger story arc. While the overarching narrative may not be immediately apparent, each episode concludes with a quest and a resolution, providing a satisfying experience even for those who cannot attend every session. The game follows a West Marches style, allowing for different companions to join in each session. Players also have the opportunity to engage in solo activities via play-by-post (PBP) between adventures. The adventures emphasize roleplay and exploration, inviting players to interact with multi-dimensional characters with intricate motivations. Combat, while present, constitutes only 20%-30% of the game time, encouraging players to seek non-violent solutions to challenges. John incorporates elements from 5th Edition Acquisitions Inc., 3rd Edition Stronghold Builders Guidebook, and 3rd Edition Arms and Equipment Guide, among others, to infuse his games with a touch of nostalgia. He encourages players to establish and manage their own guilds, taverns, orphanages, or temples, offering opportunities for passive income generation and personal growth. John's profound understanding of Faerûn's lore is not only the result of years of study since the release of the Forgotten Realms setting, but also a testament to his commitment as a Legend of the Realms supporter of Ed Greenwood on Patreon. This unique position grants him the privilege of monthly video calls with Greenwood himself, providing him with invaluable insights and exclusive knowledge about the realms. These interactions allow John to delve deeper into the intricacies of the lore, ensuring a near-canon historical experience in his games. His campaign wiki, with over 200 articles, extends the lore of the Forgotten Realms beyond the Sword Coast region seen in 5th edition official materials, reflecting the depth and breadth of his understanding. This commitment to authenticity and detail is what sets John's games apart. For upcoming games, please refer to the right side of his profile. The standard rate for a single player session (duet style) is listed under 'Book this GM'. For custom games, where John crafts the adventure and maps, please schedule a no-fee consultation to discuss your needs. Prices for custom work vary based on the number of players and other factors. To view his calendar and schedule an online meeting, please visit the provided link below:

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