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About me

I started with Red Box D&D 35 years ago and ran my first campaign as a DM 34 years ago. I am a big fan of the Forgotten Realms setting and specialize in lore and history of Faerûn. I currently host in 2nd Edition, 3.5rd Edition, and 5th Edition D&D games on the Fantasy Grounds platform. My overall career has been in Technology, Finance, Accounting, and Law. My games tend mirror my path as strategy based with chartered adventuring companies, guilds, mercenary contracts, and more. There will be the dungeon crawl and the tavern brawl, but there is more than one way to grow your fame and wealth. Please check out my Upcoming Games on the right side of the profile billed at a per player per session basis. If you are interested in a custom game where I write the adventure, create the maps, etc. You may click Book this GM under for my hourly rate for the whole table (Limit 8 players per group).

GM style

I provide a not RAW and not Adventurers League legal environment heavily weighted on theatre of the mind. I focus on intrigue, moral quandaries, geopolitics, and trade in an urban environment. There will be lots of rubbing elbows with the nobility and the authorities, but still enough commoners at the tavern needing help to keep most adventurers busy. At most of my games combat is 20%-30% (based on number of minutes in the Combat Tracker) while the rest is exploration and roleplay. My games tend to be more strategy oriented where we pull from 5th Edition Acquisitions Inc., 3rd Edition Stronghold Buildiers Guidebook, and 3rd Edition Arms and Equipment Guide to name a few. Players are encouraged to create a company and operate a guild, tavern, or temple to earn passive income while adventuring. I have studied the lore of Faerûn since the Forgotten Realms setting was released and strive to provide a near canon historical experience in the realms, with original content that avoids conflict with existing lore and official adventures. I keep up with Ed Greenwood’s Twitter account and R.A. Salvatore’s books to be sure I am up to date on the latest developments in Faerûn. I also encourage players to participate in play-by-mail (PBM) style solo activities between adventures where their character can pursue their own objectives without the rest of the party.

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