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• Hello and welcome! I’m Robert, but everyone calls me Riko. It’s great to have you here, and I’d like to go over a bit of who I am and what you can expect from me as a Dungeon Master. To note, I am a PST time zone Dungeon Master, and am available typically from 12 PM PST to 8 PM PST, but I often make time for my players when need be! • Who is Riko? I’ve been running D&D games professionally for about four years, and have been a DM for the past decade now, since 5th edition of D&D released and a bit before with 3.5 edition. Ever since I learned there was a game you could be a powerful necromancer, master of armies and magister supreme, I’ve had a love for the game on a personal level, and once learning of all the stories you can tell with D&D, I fell in love with all of it as a whole. I run modules of 5th edition professionally, but each one of them is heavily changed with enough spice that it feels like a whole new meal to sink your teeth into. Having run adventures from first to twentieth level, I consider myself well informed on the balance and concepts of D&D from head to toe! My adventures are typically high fantasy and with some adventures dark horror, but I find the darkest places are where lights shine brightest, a theme that always holds a place in my heart as a DM. Personally, my favorite part of D&D is our collaborative storytelling. Each character you bring to my table has some fate to unfold, for better or worse, and it’s my job to make sure we get there together! I bring the verisimilitude, and you bring the excitement. Laughing and going over the details of what dangers and excitement we encounter together is what I love most about D&D, and it’s hard to pick a most favorite part! I want to bring you into the worlds and live in them for the time I have you, and get lost somewhere along the way in it all. • What to expect? - Access to most sourcebooks of D&D available on roll20, as well as tools to create exactly the kind of character you’re hoping to bring to life. - Introductory lessons on how to build characters, and tailored pacing of adventuring to ensure maximum chances of success. - Custom made maps designed through Dungeondraft and Inkarnate, to bring the various world crafted to life. - A welcoming space for new players, and for veterans, to co-mingle and take on the challenges of Wizards of the Coast, including hours of expanded, homebrew content to enhance every experience. Players ask me why I do what I do, and I have one simple answer: I love Dungeons and Dragons. I genuinely hope to have you at my tables, and to share that dedication and love I have for the game for a long time to come!

GM style

My games are a constant balance between the stories I create and the tales told by my players, working in tandem to provide compelling tales, arcs, and story beats which allow characters to grow, develop, and gain fame and fortune and power, while also experiencing loss, struggle, and pain. I focus primarily on heavy roleplay, providing fleshed out, voiced NPCs who challenge and encourage the players, as well as intuitive villains and complex adversaries. Combat works as a medium to press narratives, as well as show the character's progression in terms of physical and mental strength. Larger than life monsters, forgotten ruins, and rich lore give an immersive experience which pulls you in to another world, creating a grand stage to tell tales of glory!

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