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On the edge of civilization, the village of Saberhollow is the gateway to unexplored lands filled with the ruins of an ancient empire that long ago fell to the wrath of the Gods. Danger dwells in forgotten places, but dr...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Please install Fantasy Grounds Unity and Discord. Contact the GM to be added to his Discord server. A good microphone is recommended (unless your computer has one built in that works well), but webcams are not necessary. Since we will be playing online using Fantasy Grounds Unity, you will not need to bring your own dice. The system takes care of that, and your character sheets, freeing you up to focus on the game. You will not need to read the rules ahead of time. I have experience with running games at various gaming conventions for the last 20 years, and enjoy helping people learn the system as we play.

What I provide

Aside from that which is supplied by Fantasy Grounds, I will provide all additional materials needed to play. I'd suggest you pick up a Savage Worlds Adventure Edition rulebook, though. The system is incredibly versatile, and may inspire you to run your own games someday.

What else should you know

I do not like PVP (player vs player) gaming styles, and so I encourage everyone to play a character that can work and play well with others.

Gameplay Details

Saberhollow is a game envisioned in the "West Marches" style, in which characters take short missions to explore the world around their hometown, seeking fame, fortune, and fearsome foes. Whether you are a human wizard, a dwarven cleric or a half-ogre barbarian, the World of Saberhollow beckons with wondrous opportunities. For the most part, content will remain in the PG-13 arena. I work hard to run an exciting, yet safe and inclusive game. In support of that, I use the TTRPG Safety Toolkit in my campaigns.

How Will Character Creation Work

Select from pregenerated characters that will be provided.

Players can expect







Experience Level

Open to all

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