Dungeons & Dragons 3/3.5e | The Hunt on Dinosaur Island

Dungeons & Dragons 3/3.5e, Dungeons & Dragons 5e, Pathfinder 1e, Pathfinder 2e on Roll20, Discord

This is a very light-hearted adventure with low stakes. No one is saving the world from a great cosmic evil - you are playing as characters that are learning about the world and their place within it, and experiencing th...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

There is no need to prepare anything - you will be provided with a handout which will explain the setting as part of session 0.

What I provide

I will provide voice and video, as well as battlemaps where needed. Depending on player preferences, battles will be run on discord or Roll20. The game will be summarised afterwards, and this summary will be written up and sent to all players. Any players who are interested in playing more with me could choose to use this one-shot session as their jumping-off point for a longer campaign.

What else should you know

I ensure all players feel welcome before joining my games - if you have any special requirements, please let me know beforehand. I run a game with zero tolerance for bullying or homophobic, transphobic, or racist behaviours.

Gameplay Details

This adventure is for 1st-level characters. There will be inter-party roleplay opportunities, as well as fast-paced, tactical combat. The party will also be able to explore the dangers of the jungle island.

How Will Character Creation Work

All players will have a personalised session 0 in which their character will be created.

Players can expect







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