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Savage Worlds on Roll20, Discord, Zoom

If you've longed to jump back into the Disney Afternoon, or you've been enjoying the recent DT2017 reboot (I have, too!), this is the game for you. An RPG for those new to Savage Worlds, but scalable for anyone experienc...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Rules will be explained as needed. All materials necessary for the campaign will be provided. No software needed!

What I provide

Nothing will be brought for the virtual game.

What else should you know

Currently only booking virtual games, no in-person sessions.

Gameplay Details

Gameplay will mostly consist of easy back-and-forth roleplay questions as obstacles are presented. We'll use the system to resolve a lot of the action, from dramatic tasks and quick encounters, to full-blown combat. This is a good session for players new to Savage Worlds as a system, or those looking to stretch their RP skills!

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters will be pre-generated and provided by me. However we can discuss character creation over e-mail or Discord prior to the session if you'd like to create your own!

Players can expect







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