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Hey there guys, I'm Zagreus or you can just call me Zag! I'm a dungeon master with a talent for art, storytelling, and voice acting! With over 5 years and 10k hours of professional experience I'm able to craft wonderfully immersive and impactful experiences that leave a lasting memory for everyone apart from an experience I create. Using my background in theatre and acting, I'm able to bring players into heart pounding moments, tearful scenes, while also touching on deep and compelling narratives that keep you hooked! With my vocal talent and the use of voice modulators, the range of characters I'm able to achieve is expanded. From the heavenly voices of angels, to the grounded down hellish voice of fiends, to the ethereal voice of a fey, even down to the small voice of a fairy. With this in addition to my pretty extensive tracklist of over 200+ tracks of bgm to set the mood, custom sounds like a beating heart to punctuate serious and intense moments and even to lighter sounds like that of waves crashing upon a shore, to a bustling nighttime forest. The objective being complete and total immersion, to allow for you to really bring out your best and craft an amazing story alongside myself and everyone you'll be playing with. Games of mine are typically run in my own personal homebrew world of Aesaris! A homebrew fantasy world created and written by me. Originally created to facilitate the adventures of my many games, I quickly became enamored with a new idea. What if I created a fantasy world that could not only host the adventures of my beloved players, but what if this world was shared between them. As in the events of one campaign can affect another on a worldly scale? What if in these separate campaigns they're all tackling world-changing events at once? The short answer, some of the coolest things that can ever happen in a D&D game. The creation of a living world! When joining my games you'll not only just be joining me for a crazy ride but let me talk about my community! The players that have come to make up the bulk of my active community are some of the most talented individuals, from writers to artists (and there's a lot of us) that bring their own flavor to their characters and make the world feel even more alive. We are welcoming to all peoples that have a passion for D&D in our 18+ | LGBTQ+ space 🏳️‍🌈. If you'd like to be a part of any of this or even just check out what's going on, or any available games and events you can privately message, or ask me any questions and I'll send you a link to the server c:

GM style

⚔️Combat⚔️ Some of the toughest and most brutal combats you'll probably ever go through! I also use countless mechanics that are unique to the experience I create that you'll never find anywhere else! 🔍Exploration & Roleplay🎭 Full worlds to explore and I create immersive experiences that bring them to life! NPC's are more than just stale entities for a function, they're characters with unique flaws and personalities. 😭Humor😭 You'll either be smiling, laughing, or completly terrified. Or a mix of all of them at once. 💖Romance💖 I allow romance in my games on the grounds there is ample communication. Though yes, I allow romance in my games the player is who must approach me first about it before ANYTHING happens. Consent is important, and so is communication. My goal is to immerse you in an unforgettable experience, in a story that has meaning and weight. I'm a roleplay centric DM that focuses heavily on character driven stories and group storytelling! I work personally with every player to ensure that they will have a character they'll enjoy playing, for potentially years to come. However this doesn't mean my combats are simple and easy, they're extremely challenging and serve to test the character's and players' knowledge every step of the way. An additional layer to this is the countless systems I've created that only serve to enhance the immersive factor of combat within 5e. From a table-wide opt-in/opt-out injury system that was created by yours truly to give combat true impact, as you never know if you might lose something. This rewards player's for choosing roleplay routes rather than fighting their way through every encounter! I've created entire combat systems to make martial character's engaging to play, 40+ feats, 40+ subclasses, and 200+ unique spells as well as a couple of unique and engaging races with purpose.


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