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About me

Hello Adventurers! My name is Zack and I've been DMing ever since I discovered DND. I'm a game developer and love coming up with interesting systems, powerful gear, and watching as players solve puzzles and interact with NPCs. I'm also a music composer, which means sometimes you'll hear custom music catered to our story and characters! I'm based out of Kentucky, but I run online campaigns just as smoothly as in-person. I'm also a huge night owl, so don't be surprised to see me rolling dice at 4:00am EST. I love running my own custom campaigns, but I also enjoy running official Wizards of the Coast content as well. My aim is to run a game that is perfect for my players. In addition to helping players create their characters and backstory during session 0, I also like to make it as realistic or as unrealistic as the group wants. Details like equipment weight, new gear frequency, spell slot tracking, enemy rolls, are all up for discussion. DND is about fun, so mechanics that we don't think are fun - gone, deleted. I'm also very knowledgeable on all rules, so if there's a spell or mechanic you don't understand, I'm happy to explain :) I'm all about the immersive experience. I hand make all my maps using online tools to help players feel more like they are apart of the world. Black and white maps just don't cut it, I want to take you to see elegant lavish castles, bustling cities, and cursed crypts - all full of detail and life! Let's play the game how we want!

GM style

My style is 100% dependent on what my group wants and enjoys. Everything is discussed during session 0. Do we want heavy combat, lots of roleplay, a full sandbox campaign, all 3? How difficult do we want the combat to be? How realistic do we want to go, things like encumbrance, needing to eat and drink, tracking arrows, etc. There's also some unique things I do that other DMs think I'm crazy for keeping track of. If an enemy doesn't beat your armor class, they miss. And most DMs will say "they miss you." That's boring as hell. Fighters, you block it. Rogues, you parry it. Monks, you dodge it. Paladins, you lean into the hit with the shoulder of your heavy armor. The epicness of the avoidance depends on how close the enemy comes to actually landing a blow - which I track. I also have fun and involved systems that I've created! - Crafting and gathering (alchemy, poison brewing, blacksmithing) - Crew and Companion management: You can acquire companions that you meet on your journeys, and can send them out on missions. Each crew member has attack and defense rating, as well as passive abilities. Each mission has a difficulty level as well as their own attack and defense rating. If your crew members counter all of their abilities, you have an increased chance of success! [PS. I've had this system in place since BEFORE the WoW Garrison introduction, so take THAT Blizzard] - Pirates and naval battles: blast enemy ships out of the water with your cannons! Steal their rum, gold, and spices, and sell them at the nearest port. Or drink the rum. Controlling your ship factors in the positions of your sails, rudder placement, and wind direction. It's fun and rewarding! - Rolling for high value treasure and magic items

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