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Ray Franklin

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About me

You know the old bearded wizard in the corner with the pointy hat? Yeah that's me. You know the brooding ranger smoking a pipe, yeah thats me too. The dwarf with the funny accent. Yep me too. The cackling goblin? The hackling hag? The huge dragon that just ate your henchman for an appetizer? Yep all me. I have been running and playing D&D games since the olden days! I started with Basic D&D 1979 and have played every edition since! By far and above my favorite edition of D&D is 5e. I absolutely love 5e and what it has done for the hobby on multiple levels. I love introducing new players to the game and love challenging old players.

GM style

Above all I love to see and hear players having fun and being immersed into the world. I love to see players invest and get involved in the story, and through that involvement drive the story forward. Player agency is important, your decisions drive the game, not the DM's. My general theory on a session is that its good to mix it between role-play and combat, but that is also up to the table. I am perfectly fine with running a full session combat scenario, or a full role-playing session as well. Just depends on what the table wants (and that can change from week to week)

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