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Xavier Newland
Game Designer

1 year on StartPlaying

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Highly rated for: Storytelling, Creativity, Sets the Mood

About me

Hi, my name is Xavier and I've been a Game Master for the past 20~ years of my life. I am a Freelance Motion Designer, Animator and Photographer who is a writer at heart. Child of the 80ies, my heart jolts with love for Dark Fantasy. Growing up on movies and books like Conan the Barbarian, Escape from New-York, Lord of the Rings (Ralph Bakshi 1978), Heavy Metal, LucasArts adventure games, and the book series of Elric of Melniboné. I'm quite passionate about great storytelling and worldbuilding, these are the founding steps of my game sessions as my goal is to immerse the players into another world where they are the heroes. To give them freedom of choice in a universe they can forge, and feel the reward of adventure through a constant evolving story. To make them feel that their victory was quite a feat to accomplish, and an adventure they will remember.

GM style

Prepped and ready to narrate a fictional world that will become your playground for the next few hours. But also ready to improvise on the spot, because things never go as planned, after all, what is a good adventure without the unexpected? In my experience, there are three key components to a great RPG session: heart, laughter, and excitement. These are the pillars my game sessions rely on. I'm aware that not everyone is a veteran role player and understand that some game rules take time to learn. That's why I focus on creating an atmosphere where asking questions (rules, descriptions, recaps) is encouraged and rewarded. And as the players gain XP, so do I, and welcome any and all feedback to become the best Game Master possible. My golden rule is that we are all here to have fun, to meet new people and share a common interest. For that, I aim to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere. To meet the players expectations and deliver a great Role-Playing session.


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