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About me

I'm Sky - a writer, DM, storyteller, and lifelong lover of worldbuilding, character development and stories of every sort. In life and at the table I am a proud Bard - I love meeting new people and forging friendships, making others laugh, telling tales, sharing inspiration and instigating shenanigans with my personal brand of loveable idiocy. I started playing D&D half a decade ago when I began listening to real-play podcasts (my favorites are The Adventure Zone, Roll20, Not Another D&D Podcast and Critical Role) and realized that Dungeons & Dragons is the perfect cross-roads of many of my greatest strengths and skill sets such as improvisation, performing, creating new worlds, and collaborative storytelling. At the time I did not know of anyone who was running a game that I could join, so I did what any enthusiastic lunatic would do and began running a Level 1 - Level 20 multiverse-spanning campaign for some of my closest friends! Now, over five years later, that campaign is finally nearing its epic conclusion and I am thrilled to share all that I have learned along the way with you and your fellow adventurers! As a DM I enjoy building rich and emotionally diverse game worlds that center on my player characters' journeys, identities, actions and goals to make you and your teammates the heart of the adventure! I work hard so you can play hard!

GM style

I love using open-ended roleplay, intense combat, puzzles, traps, character voices, humor, horror, tragedy, triumph and lots of character agency to immerse my players in a rich and vibrant world to explore and experience! I am a goofy and boisterous person at heart and my table always reflects this in the amount of silliness and jokes that inevitably unfold, but I am also a storyteller to the core and pride myself in my ability to balance those elements with genuinely heartfelt, suspenseful, terrifying and narratively impactful scenes and situations. All are welcome at my table and I can't wait to weave your unique sensibilities and skills into the party and the story at large!

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